MacBook Pro (5 Month Review)

Time for a long term review of the 15 inch MacBook Pro. So I’ve had the MBP for 5 months now and I must say that I still very much like it. The Intel Core Duo processors are wonderful. At times I find myself spoiled and not realizing it until I’m using an older Mac. And by older, I’m not referring to G3s, but PowerBook G4s, PowerMac G5s, etc. Occasionally I get friendly reminders of how fortunate I am. For example, recently, my friend at work was griping about how slow Adobe CS2 is on his Titanium Book. I told him, “I know how you feel.” His response was: “No you don’t know how I feel. If I had your MacBook, I would be in Heaven right now.” Continue reading MacBook Pro (5 Month Review)