MacBook Pro (5 Month Review)

Time for a long term review of the 15 inch MacBook Pro. So I’ve had the MBP for 5 months now and I must say that I still very much like it. The Intel Core Duo processors are wonderful. At times I find myself spoiled and not realizing it until I’m using an older Mac. And by older, I’m not referring to G3s, but PowerBook G4s, PowerMac G5s, etc. Occasionally I get friendly reminders of how fortunate I am. For example, recently, my friend at work was griping about how slow Adobe CS2 is on his Titanium Book. I told him, “I know how you feel.” His response was: “No you don’t know how I feel. If I had your MacBook, I would be in Heaven right now.” Continue reading MacBook Pro (5 Month Review)

Apple Display Connector (ADC) Displays on DVI Machines

Can’t Connect Apple Cinema Displays to new DVI machines?

So I had recently purchased a new Intel Mac Mini for one of my clients. After much wait, it arrived and so I configured it and installed applications that he would need. So I bring the completed Mac Mini to his office to switch out the PowerMac G5 he currently has and use his existing Cinema Display, I run into a slight problem, the cord on the Cinema Display doesn’t fit the DVI port on the Mac Mini!


So I quickly ran to Fry’s Electronics to see if they had an ADC to DVI convertor. Nope. Searching Apple’s Store site with the assistance from my friend/co-worker, we were able to find an adapter that Apple makes: DVI to ADC Adapter. Perfect! The cost of it was $99, a bit steep but considering the cost of the 30 inch cinema display…well worth it.