Hong Woo Chinese Restaurant Review

So after a long day of putting together our new fence at our house, I was too tired too cook, so we settled on Chinese food delivery. We chose Hong Woo Chinese Restaurant (649 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066) merely because we had a flyer, they offered free delivery, and had a $2.00 off coupon.

So we called, placed our order, and about 30 minutes later our food arrived. So why aren’t we going to frequent this place again?

First, the food was quite expensive. The total came to $41.85 without delivery tip and this was without any rice. Andrea ordered the Hunan Prawns ($9.45), my sister ordered the Beef with Asparagus ($8.75), I ordered the Salt and Pepper Scallops ($11.95), and we also had Fish Maw with Crab Meat Soup ($9.95).

Second, the portions for the price was terrible. Considering we paid dinner prices, we got lunch portions. They served all our food, except for the scallops, in the Chinese box containers, which is fine for the most part, but when you order entrees that have vegetables, it fills up the majority of the container. There were hardly any prawns in the Hunan Prawns and hardly any beef in the Beef with Asparagus. There were decent amount of scallops (which actually came in the big size container), but they were so tiny it felt more like eating an appetizer.

Finally, given the food was expensive and the portion sizes were small, we expected taste to be good; sadly we were mistaken. It was bland for the most part. The scallops were slightly chewy, the asparagus was soggy from being over-cooked, and the vegetables in the Hunan Prawns were soggy from being over cooked also.

Our rating for this place is 2 stars of 5. We should have checked out the Yelp review first, because we would have most likely bypassed this place. Also we never got our four free egg rolls either.

In The Mood For Thai, Then Try Thai Nakhorn

This one place that Andrea and I frequent regularly for Thai food, Thai Nakhorn, located at 464 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA. The food is always good and consistent and the service good. We were there yesterday for dinner.

Having tried a few other dishes, there is only one particular dish I order whenever I come here. It’s not on the menu and unless you look at the white board hanging on the wall, you’ll never know they had it: duck curry. The menu contains 3 other curries: green, red, seafood, and yellow; but the duck curry is definitely my favorite. I like how thick and creamy the coconut curry base is and the pineapples add just the right amount of sweetness.

We started dinner with cucumber salad ($1.50 per person), the portion size being just right to start off. We also had the chicken satay that comes with 5 pieces of chicken on skewer with cucumber side salad and creamy Thai peanut sauce for $6.95. Andrea ordered the red curry ($8.50) and I had the duck curry ($9.50). The chicken satay was good, plenty for two people. Andrea thought the red curry was fine, but had too much bamboo shoots. I’m personally not one for bamboo shoots. The duck curry was very good as always.

If you like spicy, don’t forget to ask the waitress for the chili sauce. What you get is a 3 pack of various types of chili, one of which is sure to make your mouth burn.

Asian Pearl Peninsula

I keep driving by Asian Pearl Peninsula on El Camino Real in Millbrae, CA and this place is like always packed. Packed with Asian people, so for a Chinese restaurant, that has got to be a real good sign. There have been occasions where there have been lines out the door.So I made reservations for Andrea and I to try it out; figured what the hell. I had made reservations for Friday at 7PM, but we were about 25 minutes late. First, parking is practically non-existent there. They have a free public parking lot behind the restaurant, but it was full, curb side street parking was also full. We got lucky and found a spot near Capuchino High School. When we got inside, the place was absolutely packed. I went to the maĆ®tre d’ and told her of our reservations and fortunately there was a table available for two near the window, so they sat us immediately. I was afraid we were going to have to wait cause according to Yelp reviews, this place has a habit of seating their “VIP guest” before other people. Continue reading Asian Pearl Peninsula

Carnelian Room Restaurant Review

We were treated to a very nice dinner by Andrea’s grandma and aunt (Jane) at the Carnelian Room in San Francisco. This was a place that Andrea has always wanted to try; I’ve never heard of this place before. It just so happens that Andrea’s grandma and Jane have eaten here before and enjoy it very much. Continue reading Carnelian Room Restaurant Review

Yet Wah Restaurant Review

Andrea and I chose Yet Wah Restaurant in San Francisco (at the recommendation of our friend, Ray) to be the restaurant where our parents will formally meet.

Yet Wah is located in Diamond Heights in San Francisco. Their address is: 5238 Diamond Heights Blvd., San Francisco, CA. They are open daily from 10am to 10:30pm. They can be contacted via telephone at 415.282.0788. Continue reading Yet Wah Restaurant Review

Harris Restaurant Review

For my birthday, Andrea took me to Harris Restaurant at 2100 Van Ness Ave. in San Francisco, CA. I must say this place is much more fancy than any steakhouse I’ve ever been too. You walk in here and you would expect high priced Frenchie food or overpriced American food. And the worse part in some cases, the restaurant looks better than the food tastes. Continue reading Harris Restaurant Review

Fifth Floor Restaurant Review

5thfloorRestaurant.gifFor Andrea’s Birthday, this was my dinner selection. This was our first time at Fifth Floor Restaurant, which is located inside Hotel Palomar in San Francisco, CA on the (what else) fifth floor. This is an upscale French restaurant with superb service and splendid ambiance. The staff was very courteous, attentive, and sensitive to our dietary requirements. Continue reading Fifth Floor Restaurant Review