A Website With A Stylish Design

There are countless websites out there for practically anything and everything your looking for: how to make a bomb online, stuff white people like, etc. so what about a website dedicated to web design? Enter stage right, http://www.stylishdesign.com. The first good thing about this site is that it has a very pleasing site layout, some might recognize the layout to be Brian Gardner‘s beautifully designed Revolution Magazine WordPress Theme (hey Brian, there’s a plug for you). If your website is going to be about web design, it better damn well have a good web design; it’s like being a web design company with a website put together using a free online html editor.

There is a number of impressive articles on various topics such as SEO, Internet, tools, etc. all well written and clearly laid out especially considering the blog has only been operating since February of this year. According to Stylish Design, the site is operated Robert and Andrei. From as far as I can tell, Robert seems to be the primary writer; not quite sure what Andrei’s involvement is. What is also impressive about Stylish Design besides having so much content in short amount of time is the quality of the content. If you read a few of the posts such as Website Designing – The Planning and I Love GMail because I Have a Lot of Storage Space, it’s very obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into the writing. Each topic is developed and on topic with clear titles and easy reading. Another thing that I particularly like is the fact that Robert can churn out some 3 or more posts a day! As most bloggers and writers can attest to, it’s not always easy to write content, let alone meaningful content, but Stylish Design is definitely heading in the right direction. They already seem to be building a good readership, as indicated by visitors who actually leave comments. It would be nice if a FeedBurner chicklet is added in the future to showcase the following power that Stylish Design will have.

I definitely like the site, the contents, and what it has to offer. It’s still relatively new, so only time will tell if Stylish Design becomes a John Chow or Shoe Money or not, but they definitely are definitely going in the right direction.