Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull = Ultimate Fail

When the previews first came out about a new Indiana Jones movie, I was a bit surprised, Harrison Ford seems a bit too old to be swinging the whip around, but then again Rocky Balboa was good even though Sylvester Stallone was definitely way too old to be boxing. Figured, how bad could this movie be? Continue reading Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull = Ultimate Fail

Rocky Balboa

Originally when we first heard that Sylvester Stallone was making another Rocky movie, our first thoughts were no way, he’s way too old to be doing Rocky. At the time of filming Stallone is 60 years old (born 1946). Rocky Balboa released and garnered positive reviews.

So Andrea and I rented Rocky Balboa, the latest and perhaps last installment of the Rocky franchise, and we watched it. At about 102 minutes, the movie can’t possibly be boring.

The basic premise of the movie is that Rocky Balboa has long retired from boxing. His wife, Adrian, passed away from cancer a few years back and Rocky and his son (Robert Jr., played by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia) have a rocky (no pun intended) relationship. Rocky has a little fine Italian restaurant (Adrian’s) that isn’t doing all that great, but is making it by. Life seems relatively comfortable for Rocky; he visits Adrian’s grave regularly and still wears his wedding ring. The latest craze in the boxing world is Mason “The Line” Dixon (Antonio Tarver); although winning, he is not a crowd favorite at all because of his quick knockouts. A computer simulation by ESPN to hypothetically determine whether Rocky could defeat Dixon showed Rocky knocking out Dixon.

I won’t go much further in detail, but the movie is definitely worth watching. The buildup is gradual at first, but once things are start getting going, it’s difficult to wait for the upcoming boxing match between Rocky and Dixon. I definitely like how they do the boxing match.

Go rent it and watch it.