What I Learned Today: iPhone and Water Don’t Mix

You know how there are warnings about water and the iPhone, like they don’t play well together. Some people seem to have similar issues. Looks like Dan and me are doing the same iPhone stress test. The only difference is that when I walked out of the San Francisco Apple Store, it wasn’t with a 16GB iPhone, but rather a new 8GB iPhone 3G. Continue reading What I Learned Today: iPhone and Water Don’t Mix

MacBook Pro Woes

The keyboard and trackpad on my 15 inch MacBook Pro has been going in and out for the last month or so now. Originally I was thinking it was an issue with Leopard, as some people have been having the same issue after upgrading to Leopard. But I figured it had to be a hardware issue because when I plug in a mouse or keyboard, it works fine. Same thing when I use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Continue reading MacBook Pro Woes