Useful Links For Today has a lot of useful resources involving WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript. I’ve found numerous of useful tidbits that have been very helpful on many projects of mine such as How to make a progress/goal (thermometer-like) bar graph with PHP, Show full post if there is no excerpt, Moving a WordPress install, Pulling in a post content from a seperate blog install, and so much more useful information. Definitely worth bookmarking the whole website.

WordPress Codex – Using the gallery shortcode

The WordPress Codex is full of useful information. One particular useful reference is how to use the new built-in WordPress Gallery. Here’s what you need to know:

  • [ gallery columns=”4″] – will display the gallery with four columns or however many you put
  • [ gallery size=”medium”] – this will specify the thumbnail sizes to use for thumbnail display. Valid values are: thumbnail, medium, and full.
  • [ gallery id=”123″] – pulls all images associated with the post ID regardless of what post you’re in. By default [ gallery] will show all the images associated with the post your on.
  • Other available values are: orderby, itemtag, icontag, and captiontag. – 10 Handwritten fonts you can’t miss

This post, 10 Handwritten fonts you can’t miss by Antonio Lupetti contains 10 cool handwritten fonts that you can use in your website designs for a personal feel. A lot of cool fonts that are free. Also Antonio has designed a nice theme based on’s website. – Great Site For Fonts

I was looking for a very specific type of font for a web project I was working on and provided me with numerous free fonts that worked great. They have lots of fonts for download. The font that I was loking for and used is Jefferson. – Creating A Two Tiered Conditional Navigation in WordPress

Darren Hoyt has a great post on how to create a two tiered conditional navigation in WordPress. I’ve recently used it on a web project that I was working on and it’s great. WordPress pages appear as the main navigation and if there are any child pages, those will appear underneath. Also check out another of Darren’s post on how to style comments.

Apple Development Connection – Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone

A lot of great resources on how to style your website for viewing on the iPhone. Important things such as how to specify the Viewpoint Meta Tag, Adjusting the text size, Using Conditional CSS, and so much more.