Clickbooth Publisher Affiliate Network

For our next installment of sponsored reviews, we will be looking at Clickbooth Affiliate Network. Looking to host ads on your website for a return? Developed a cure for insomnia and want to start earning some moola by advertising? Clickbooth might just be the answer you are looking for! Continue reading Clickbooth Publisher Affiliate Network

A Site About All Things Mobile (correct link is found here, that was the way I received it) sounds more like a Tony Soprano fan site, but surprise surprise, it’s actually a website about all things mobile. From what I can tell, MobUniverse is all into mobile wallpapers, ring tones, and Google Adsense. Reading the about page is somewhat of an adventure. In FireFox, the Google Adsense box blocks some of the first sentence and in Internet Explorer 7, it’s not too much better. Continue reading A Site About All Things Mobile

Trying To Reconnect With A Long Lost Buddy? Stalker In Training?

Well look no further, Spock – the best for people search, is here to help. So I signed up for an account with Spock. Sign up is relatively easy, you enter an email and a password and you’ll receive a confirmation email which you have to click the link to complete the sign up process. Once that’s done, you’re automatically logged in where you have an opportunity to put in some information such as where you live, where you work, and of course a picture of yourself. Afterwards, you have an opportunity to search for your friends through your contact lists from other social networking sites (i.e. MySpace) and email accounts (i.e. Yahoo). You can then add them and they will receive an email to join.

Using Spock is very easy, it’s like Wikipedia. Type in a person’s name, email, location, or tag to find them or people that match. I ran a few searches such as George Bush, myself, stupid people, and San Francisco. In most cases, a lot of results were available. If you try searching for your friends, it’s more hit or miss depending on how much of an internet celeb they are. Once you do find someone or something that you are looking for, clicking on their name will bring up multiple sites in which the person you are searching for appears in. For example, my search of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yielded Google News stories, her Wikipedia page, her Congress bio page, and other web results. Any available pictures on the web for the various people are also pulled up when searching for a person. Searching for your’s truly yielded a MySpace hit (most likely because I used MySpace to look for other friends) and a various web results for my numerous other sites that would come up with a simple Google search. What is also neat is that any web results found can be marked as relevant or irrelevant to the person being searched so that when the next person doing a search for the person can see specific links are associated to the person.

spock2.jpgFrom what I can gather, Spock is very similar to Google (almost suspiciously copyright infringement similar), but instead of being just a search engine, Spock is zeroing in on the lucrative people search. Spock is very easy to use, simply designed like Google from a web design stand point which makes it effective to find information quickly and clearly. The search engine seems to be powered by Microsoft’s Live Search, as evidenced by the Live Search logo. I think Spock has the potential to become a very useful tool, a cross between social networking and finding people if they can manage to fix the errors I keep getting. The concept is simple, the more people that are involved, the more information Spock will have. Go ahead and join and start your snooping!

Martha Stewart and 1-800-Flowers Team Up

You can practically outfit your entire home in Martha Stewart brand towels, pots & pans, linens, even cook Martha Stewart inspired meals, and now you can decorate your home or office with Martha Stewart flowers. That’s right, Martha Stewart has teamed up with to bring you many different types of floral arrangements for all sort of occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, thank you, special holidays, and the usual just-because-I-love-you.

The prices range from a single style bouquet for $40 to well over $100 with the vase or pot at an additional price. While there is only a single style bouquet to choose from for $40, there is quite a number of “mid-range” ($40-$75) floral arrangement, and 32 $75+ floral arrangements at the time of this writing.

I randomly looked around and didn’t see anything that particularly made me go wow, but I did find a few arrangements that I thought was kind of neat. I found the website to be easy to navigate to find arrangements. You can search by occasion, price, types of flowers, and so on. With many arrangements to choose from, I don’t think it would be very difficult to find something for the occasion. And for a limited time, 1-800-Flowers is offering $10 off.

Curious What People Say About You Behind Your Back?

Well you’re in luck, Family Keylogger by Spy Arsenal is your answer! What Family Keylogger does is record keystrokes so that whoever uses the computer that the software is loaded on will have their entire instant message conversations, sent emails, visited websites, and launched applications recored for review later. It runs completely hidden so that even a simple CTRL + ALT + DEL to check the process will yield no results. To unhide the taskbar icon, a special keystroke can be assigned that only you would know.

Keystroke logger technology is not anything new, they also make hardware keystroke loggers that you plugin the keyboard into and then into the computer. Spy Arsenal sells this keystroke logger primarily for home and personal use to catch cheating spouses, safeguard children, and even prevent from having to retype “lost” work.

Family Keylogger only works on PC machines.

Web Hosting Pal, WTH Are You Thinking?

Web Hosting Pal does not sell you web hosting or web design, rather it is a Yellow Pages for cheap web hosting. It’s very simply designed, easier to navigate but has a fatal flaw: it’s lacking of information and possible outdated.I tried clicking Introduction to Domain Name under the Beginner’s Guide expecting to find some good information, instead it was empty. I tried the remaining two other links, Introduction to Web Hosting and Email Hosting (with your Domain Name), and they too contained no information. This is particularly damaging to a website that is trying to be a web host review.

The one link that actually had information was the Top 10 Web Hosting cart and even then it was suspect. On the main page, the “best web host” is BlueHost, followed by DWHS and LunarPages. On the Top 10 Web Hosting cart, DWHS is listed as number 1 followed by PowWeb and LunarPages; such strange inconsistencies. What was particularly alarming was the list was last update in October 2005… What was also strange was when I tried clicking Beginner’s Guide in the breadcrumb it took me to PacMan.

I seriously doubt this is an actual website, and if it is, the owner(s) need to seriously revamp the site to contain actual and current data. The best part of all this is found in the footer, turns out this site is hosted by DWHS Inc.

Looking For Free Business Cards?

I’ll personally admit that I’ve used VistaPrint before to make some Business Cards. The process is actually quite painless and easy to do. Although I do have to mention that this sponsored review is actually for’s sister site:, I’ve only used the and not the UK version, but I assume the UK site is the same as the US version.

VistaPrint’s site is very simple to navigate, very good use of a two column layout, thumbnail pictures to represent each section, and most commonly used links for ease of use.

vistaprint-site.jpgSo just to randomly try something, I selected Free Business Cards under the Business Cards section. That takes you to a page where you can select and customize your business cards broken down into 3 parts: What you want on your business cards, the design you want, and initial that you everything you wrote is accurate and not misspelled.

The business card customizer is very easy to use. In the first part, you enter your details such as company name, message, full name, job title, etc. and as you enter the information, the sample business card on the right changes to whatever you put into each of the boxes. If you click on a field, such as address line 3, but leave it blank, it will clear out the sample text in the sample business card. So you don’t have to have every field filled out, but make sure you click on every box. Nothing worse than ordering 1,000 business cards, then realizing that you accidentally left “Address Line 3” on it…very professional. Continue reading Looking For Free Business Cards? Plain As Vanilla or Something More?

On my initial visit to, the first thing that stuck out for me was the “floating” search button. This appears to be an issue only with people using Firefox on the Mac, as I investigated it with Safari on the Mac and on IE and Firefox on Windows and it seems to be fine. While this isn’t a major issue and hardly impedes anyone from conducting searches, it does stand out like a sore thumb. Continue reading Plain As Vanilla or Something More?