The Proposal Movie Review

When I first saw the previews for The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, I figured it would be another boring chick flick and it was until I got a chance to see part of the movie while getting my teeth cleaned at my friend’s dentistry did I realize that maybe this movie isn’t as bad as I thought.

I added it to our Netflix queue and when we got it, we watched it. In the end, I thought the movie was quite entertaining with a number of comical parts. The chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds comes off as believable and they look as if they would make a great couple.




The story is about a cold and emotionless executive editor-in-chief, Margaret Tate (Bullock), at book publishing Colden Books who is successful at what she does but fails ineptly at human interaction. Her assistant, Andrew (Reynolds), is doing his best to keep up with her and cater to her demanding whims in hopes getting his manuscript published. Things take a turn in his favor when Tate is called into her bosses’ office informing her she will be deported back to Canada immediately because of an expired Visa. Andrew interrupts the meeting to tell Tate she has a client holding on the phone for her, Tate takes advantage of the situation and shocks everyone by telling everyone that Andrew have been having a secret relationship and are now engagement to be married.

Some of the best scenes are when Reynolds explains to his family how he proposed to Bullock and what ensues is a hilarious ad-lib dialogue from the both of them. There is also the in-famous shower scene, which is quite hilarious. Throughout the movie, there are many laugh-out-loud moments. Also by the end of the movie, be sure to watch the little added bonus that runs with the credits.

I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. He has a certain sarcasm and humor that he brings successfully to each of his roles such as National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity, and so on that really made his character a stand out. I’ve also liked Sandra Bullock, although haven’t seen her in anything for awhile. But I definitely think the best part of the movie is the chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds.

Verdict: DEFINITE rent.