Today’s Useful Links

Here’s today’s bookmarks of useful links for future reference. – Tabbed Wigets WordPress Plugin has created a very cool plugin, Tabbed Widged, that utilizes Moo tools to easily implement various types of tabbed browsing such as tabs or according style. Very customizable and easy to implement. Download from the WordPress Extended. – WordPress Child Themes, A Pictorial How To has created a write up, How to make a “child theme” for WordPress, on how to use the hardly discussed child themes feature of WordPress. This is the very same concept that powers the ever popular Sandbox theme. The beauty of using child themes is that you use a framework to develop your website off of, thereby saving you time and energy of not having to recreate the theme files from scratch each time and you modify the theme with only the use of CSS. – Meta Robots WordPress Plugin

This is a very cool and useful plugin, Meta Robots WordPress Plugin. What this does is add a menu in your Post/Page menu that allows you to set four modes: index, follow; index, nofollow; noindex, follow; and noindex, nofollow on each page or post. – Regenerate Thumbnails

I’m not sure why this isn’t built into the core of WordPress 2.5/2.6, but the Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress plugin is a very important plugin that address the issue where if you forget or change the thumbnail and medium sizes under the Miscellaneous menu, you can now regenerate all the thumbnail and medium size thumbnails to your new size.

Today’s Links of Interest

I keep visiting all these cool websites, each with useful techniques or tips and tricks or even just a cool design, and I bookmark them, but I never visit them again. I then look in my bookmarks to look for something specific and find I have a gabillion bookmarks that make no sense to me because they’re all just website names. I remember why I bookmarked the sites when I bookmarked them, but months and sometimes years later, I can’t recall for the life of me why I bookmarked that site. Continue reading Today’s Links of Interest