The Lazy Person’s Way To Gaming

It’s amazing how many convenience products and services there are out there. Too lazy to shop, got no time, out of ideas: get a personal shopper. To lazy to cook, tired of cooking, or have no time to cook? Microwaveable TV dinners is your answer. Too tired to get your mail from your mailbox in front? Back the car out, get your mail, and park back in the garage. Easy. Work smarter not harder. So what do you do when you have a full time job, a significant other, kid(s), TV time, and at the same time have to play MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) so that you can be cool, hang out virtually with your friends, and beat up on wussie level 1 players? Enter where you can purchase your wow account and be playing in 24 hours. Continue reading The Lazy Person’s Way To Gaming

World of Warcraft and MacBook Pro

So my nephew installed World of Warcraft on my MacBook Pro to test how fast WOW would run, and we must say it is definitely phenomenal! Originally on the PowerBook I had, WOW ran quite laggy and the graphics were choppy and unexciting; essentially WOW worked on the PowerBook, it just wasn’t very satisfying to play on it. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, seemed to be day and night difference, of course to be expected since the video card is better, dual core processor, and so on. I will post up the in-game settings once I get them. I wanted to test WOW on the WinXP partition on the MacBook, but unfortunately I only have 5GB total partitioned for Windows and only have 1.5GB left (WOW requires at least 4GB).