Bui4Ever v15…coming soon!!!

Greetings folks! It may seem to many that I haven’t done any updates in awhile, but there is a reason for that…I’ve been busy spending time with Andrea, studying for school, and many projects at work. Along the way I’ve been working on some other sites and found a new, better way to do sites which led me to Bui4Ever v15…the xhtml strict incarnation of Bui4Ever. Keep checking back for the offical launch!

Bui4ever v15 coming along nicely

Bui4Ever v15 is coming along very nicely! Using WordPress to handle all my content has taken a huge load off my chest. I’m now able to redistribute a considerable amount of time and effort from architectual layout semantics and focus on design. I’m about done with template modification and will be transfering all my data from v14 to v15 shortly. I should be able to officially launch v15 by the end of this week fully functioning (*crosses fingers*).

The biggest foreseeable difficult is Gallery. I’m not entirely sure how Gallery will completely interact with WordPress. Recoding the design shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s fixing the 100 validation errors (on xhtml transitional, no less) will be the tricky part. Gallery 2.0, “out of the box”, was originally xhtml strict, but in order to validate on v14, I had to switch the doctype to xhtml transitional. Now I got to go back and change some transitional markups to strict. Fun.

Switch to WordPress

After working on various new and current web projects, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it is probably better to use WordPress as my site news/blog. Previously I’ve looked into alternatives (scratchlog, snews, easynews, and then finally SimpleNews) for various reasons. These reasons were:

  1. The Theme system seemed daunting to learn and I mistakenly thought, despite the theme system and the use of CSS, that the design would be too limiting for my taste.
  2. I tried various times to integrate WP into Bui4Ever with no avail.
  3. How could I showcase my web skills if WP did all the work?

After using four different types of news/blogs, I think I will listen to the thousands of people who use WP and integrate it successfully into their custom designed sites. And I’ve also come to the conclusion regarding #3, WP won’t do all the work for me, it will handle a big part that is complex and difficult to handle in itself, which is: the site’s news. So let’s see how this goes.